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hnDirectory was started to show hackers from different schools along with their startup experience, skill sets, etc. join your school (or create it), and find a hacker or two! who knows, maybe the next google is waiting to be built by a few hackers who just haven't taken the same class or sat next to each other in the same lecture yet. i hope this site site helps fix that problem.

schools supported
please e-mail your country and school e-mail to and it will be added shortly.

supported schools:

*all united states schools*
university of british columbia (canada)
university of toronto (canada)
queensland university of technology (australia)
universität hamburg (germany)
brock university (canada)
university of waterloo (canada)

companies supported
please e-mail your company name and company e-mail to and it will be added shortly.

supported companies:

facebook (
twitter (
google (
apple (
mozilla (
microsoft (
ycombinator (
loopt (

special thanks to github
github offers hndir a sponsored private repository as part of startups@illinois, a group of students at illinois who like to create stuff. so, if you are thinking about doing a startup and not sure where to host your code, i can personally vouch for github's responsiveness and passion for helping out students and hackers.

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